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Laser line generator
Laser line generator

No Light Decay of 532nm Green Line Laser Module
It is not an easy job for anyone of us to get quite accurate line positioning result at a bit longer work distance than your hand reaching, however, once you are getting the selection of high brightness green line laser module, only after it is very easy connection with electric power source of DC input power supply, it can easily achieve continuous green reference line targeting on all working surfaces. It is a high speed work to make laser line alignment, while users just need to select this green laser module with correct output power and laser lens degree, only if users are making proper adjustment of laser line targeting direction and laser line thickness, users can easily achieve no mistake and no laser light decay line alignment on all working surfaces marvelously. On basis of the adoption of 532nm green DPSS laser tech, this green line laser module is not only keeping highly bright and visible laser beam emission, but also getting the best quality laser line emission in real work. Its internal part is always adopting glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, owing to its wide range laser lens degree of 10 degree to 110 degree, users can make free selection of optic lens so as to get high precision line alignment on all desired working surfaces. From the very beginning work of line alignment from green line laser module, it is just need to be installed on proper machine or device. for instance, green laser line targeting is workable for line positioning work including laser cutting machine, military targeting, laser car wheel alignment, laser medical treatment work etc. No matter what kind of working surface, green alignment laser line is keeping high linear quality and line straightness. Especially on occasion that this laser line generator is being designed with separate crystal lens, green alignment laser line is just keeping high uniformity, thus it is just keeping the same laser line brightness from middle part towards both ends. Formally after very simple connection with DC input power supply, green line laser module begins to work immediately. It is a very easy and rapid work to make laser line alignment. It is workable with other industrial machine or device 24 hours without disturbed, however, it is not a recommended work method for laser users since it can rapid aging speed of this laser module. When the internal laser crystal part and electric driving circuit are getting enough time for cooling down, this green laser alignment can finally keep highly stable and reliable line targeting on all working surfaces. At the same time, users should just operate this green laser line targeting device within 8 hours to 10 hours a day until getting the most wonderful laser line targeting result precisely.

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